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Turks and Caicos Clothing Company

About Us

Konk Apparel is a quality caribbean lifestyle brand with designs and elements inspired by and featuring the conch shell, a well-known and iconic symbol of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Caribbean. The brand mixes elements of modern pop culture, urban swag and active sports style with a Turks & Caicos Twist and Flavor .

At Konk Apparel we  understand maintaining the originality and exclusiveness of a clothing item so all Konk apparel released is very limited to keep from mass saturation. In doing so, most products will be released in seasonal collections excluding various random releases. As our company continues to build upon itself, we want to thank our supporters for their inspiration and positive vibes. 

At Konk Apparel our motto is "Believe in your Brand," a reminder that a brand is born inside you. “It’s the thought that starts a revolution and the motivator that makes a vision come to life.”

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